“The way we have been taught to draw attention to our work and causes is actually a bad fit for us as underrecognized people.” Chloé Nwangwu, Brand Scientist, is about to rock your world with her laser sharp critique of current beliefs on branding strategies. We are taught to 1) Give value for free 2) Over-deliver and 3) Give more more more!! But there’s real, scientific reasons why this probably isn’t working for you the way it works for, say…white cis het men! “I’m shocked!” said absolutely no one! You’re going to be blown away by the wisdom Chloé brings!


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I’m N. Chloé, a brand scientist and digital diplomacy (actual diplomacy!) advisor. I’ve advised everyone from small island nations and the first refugee delegation to the UN to small, black owned mom and pop shops. And all of them were socially innovative brands ready to give the status quo a good shove.

That mom and pop shop? Brad Pitt’s now a fan. That small island nation? The coalition of countries they formed just got kudos from President Obama at the COP26 conference. Can I promise these results? No. But I can promise that the same methods I developed as an international conflict mediator–the very same methods I used with these clients–are what I will bring to bear in our engagement.

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