Buckle your seatbelt! If you like controversial hot takes about social media, sex work, mental health and feminism, this episode is for you! I’m joined by Angela Morris, Social Media Strategist, to talk about the origins of social media platforms founded and run by cis, white, het men… AND how they are built upon the unpaid labor of women who those same platforms ultimately censor and shadow-ban. We discuss sex workers’ influence on the popularity of social media itself, and the parallels between them and feminist entrepreneurs marketing their businesses on social media (turns out we’re not so different in the eyes of Mark Zuckerberg). Angela’s passion for helping women and queer folks to reclaim their time, energy and mental health from the pitfalls of social media has led her to create a program called Quiet Quitting Instagram. You’re definitely going to want to hear about it, and you’ll be thinking about this episode long after you’ve finished listening.


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Hi, I’m Angela.

The best part of my work is helping people to say and do the things they’ve been taught they can’t.

I was a make-up artist for 13 years, primarily for weddings and boudoir photography — spaces that are ALL about looking perfect and crafting a fantasy version of who someone is (sounds like Instagram, right?).

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