“…It was a massive realization to me actually quite recently, that my idea of success was not my own…and that…story was running through my head, was holding me back from truly enjoying, and defining for myself, what success and joy in my career was, could be what the possibilities are.” MIC DROP!! This episode is really special and different. As humans, we learn through storytelling–I told Dana I really wanted to start sharing people’s stories because I think when we hear about other people’s journeys it can be elucidating and it can actually feel supportive of our own journeys. Dana truly shares her soul with us. I was captivated by her story of traditional success to embracing her own definitions of success–one that allows for evolution and growth. I think you will be too.

Dana Kaluzny (she/her), BA, PMP

I wear a lot of hats…so you don’t have to.

Oh hello! Thank you for meeting me here.

I co-own a small business (with my partner in life and love): Endswell is almost 10yrs in the making! I’ve cycled 200km while 7 month’s pregnant to raise over $20,000 to support cancer research. I am a freelance Event Producer, Facilitator, Public Speaker, Performing Artist and Community Advocate.

I bring front of the class, disruptive, fun-loving energy to everything I do. It’s how I play the long game.

I’m here to support you and your team to play the long game too.

After 15 years’ experience working in for profit and not-for-profit, founding two small businesses while making time for my own pleasure AND raising two boys, I know how to juggle personal and professional. It is so important that we center our own enjoyment while doing change-making work!

The teams and business partners I support are playing the long game too. Their vision for organizational and social change is both urgent and their impact will take time to be fully realized.

My work will support you and your team to stay in the game and bring your big vision to fruition by focusing on meaningful relationships, communication and organization to take practical next steps (your little wins matter!).

You will develop new skills in concepts of collaborative, person-centered and strategic planning, project management, event production and communication techniques that are engaging, within your capacity – and not boring!

To Connect with My GUEST – DANA KALUZNY