Whew! We talk about alllllll the things in this conversation! But the topic that is woven through the entirety is White Supremacy. Growing up, White Supremacy meant skinheads, extreme hate groups, Nazis…but the term means something different now. What exactly is White Supremacy and how is it showing up? How are we participating in it? How do we unravel it? Erin-Kate Escobar (they/them) is a DEI and anti-racist strategist and points out that when we engage in practices that center dominant norms we are often reinforcing the patriarchy and all the systems of oppression and harm that we are living in and under. This episode is going to expand your understanding on so many important topics. Thank you for being here, for learning, for sharing, and for making the world a better place!


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Characteristics of white supremacy: https://www.whitesupremacyculture.info/characteristics.html
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Erin-Kate Escobar M.Ed

Erin-Kate is a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion specialist and a decades-long organizer, activist, and educator.  They are passionate about supporting personal growth and institutional social change towards greater equity. Erin-Kate grounds their work in fostering internal awareness towards external expressions of building better environments for everyone to thrive.

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