Appropriation is a word we hear a lot these days however, many people are unclear what it actually means. Trevia Woods, a mixed-race woman with indigenous ancestors, walks us through exactly what appropriation is, why it is important, how it causes harm, and gives us tools to help us decipher what is and ins’t appropriation in our own lives. This is such an important topic to understand as we all work dismantling systems of harm.


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Hi, I’m Trevia [TREE-va] (she/her)

I’m a mixed-race woman with Indigenous ancestors who has two decades of experience in bodywork, education and community-building. Trevia supports people in unpacking cultural appropriation, community building, as well as helping Culture Makers gift the world with their knowledge, lived experience and wisdom so not only they, but their clients can thrive.

I also partner with Kelly Diels in co-facilitating We Are The Culture Makers. Together we are creating connections and support in these volatile times.

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