Success is right around the corner if you buy the right course, right? There’s just one piece of information you’re missing…and when you read the marketing copy for that course you’re CERTAIN that this will be THE THING that makes is all happen. How many courses have you bought? $2k here, $3k there…it sure adds up, doesn’t it? I know I’ve spent multiple thousands of dollars on courses that I have not used, not finished, or did not deliver. Deanna Seymour was an art teacher looking to start a side hustle to bring some extra money into her family of four. Like so many of us, she googled her way into the online business world, discovering so many celebrity entrepreneurs…and before long she had the feeling of, “Yeah, I can do that–I can be a bazillionaire and run my business from the beach.” How many of us have had a similar thought? Deanna opens up to take us on this journey of investing big sums and not getting the desired results; of being convinced by the marketing and then discovering the program really didn’t deliver. As a result she created a course called, STOP BUYING COURSES to help people understand marketing and how it is designed to make you feel so you can make empowered decisions. Deanna is AMAZING. OMG, you’re going to love her. Truly.

yo! I’m dd.

Your right hand ma’am when it comes to making your biz look cool as shiz.

And if you think you’re not cool I’m gonna stop you right there. Cool comes in a variety of flavors, and you have one. 

Let your freak flag fly.

To Connect with My GUEST – Deanna Seymour