Sarah Zero left corporate America to start her own business doing branding work for entrepreneurs whose work create positive impact on the world–she went solo and discovered how LONELY that was. So many of us can relate. Even if we are not solopreneurs–finding and building community as an adult can feel daunting. Feeling alone can feel like the norm. After attending networking meetings that never felt rewarding or satisfying she decided to create the kind of networking she desired–networking that actually was COMMUNITY. Sarah shares with us what she learned and how she’s set things up in powerfully unique ways and what the results have been. It’s everything we crave and more.

Sarah Zero is the founder of Wellstruck, a community for empathy-driven entrepreneurs who crave a nourishing home base with friends that challenge and champion each other.

At Wellstruck, Sarah curates and facilitates an intimate membership community, mastermind groups, and a podcast — all with the goal of inspiring conversations and relationships between folks who are committed to using their core genius for good. Informed by her expertise in brand strategy and experiential events, her move to community development was driven by a deep belief in the power of small business owners working collaboratively.

To Connect with My GUEST – Sarah Zero