I’ve had many conversations with people recently where it became clear that I take a lot of my knowledge for granted–and that I assume everyone else knows what I know. NOPE! Not true. So I created this episode to share some foundational beliefs I have when it comes to creating change in this world. I am calling you all in to cozy up so I can walk you through things–how the Paradigms of the Patriarchy operate in our lives, how we change them, and some core paradigms that we can look at in our own businesses and lives to start shifting–small shifts that will make big changes. Because we all have a lot going on, don’t we? So what I want you to know is that you don’t need to massively overhaul our judicial system in order to create change (however if that is something you can do, yes please!) I remind us all that small hinges swing big doors and then I share some of those small hinges you can start swinging!!

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