“Our only job is to find our way. It’s not to fight a system against something, it’s to find our own inner strength, our own self trust, our own capacity in the world.” Katie Macks, Audacious Leadership coach, brings a lifetime of activism to her work. Katie brings a new perspective to radical change, insisting that it’s not a fight AGAINST someone or something or a system – it’s the radical choice to create space for yourself that will massively change the world we exist in. Give her an hour and she’ll give you your life back.

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Hi, I’m Katie Macks. Regulated ALeadership and Business Coach for people who are ready to DISRUPT THE STATUS QUO!

I Guide people like you to build wildly delicious, lives and businesses that serve you and the world.

Like any coach worth her salt, the work I lead others through is the path I’ve walked myself.

I’ve always been a disruptor. I never quite fit in, though I played that game for plenty of years. Like most Disruptors, I learned to look the part. The box-ticking, in-line, reliable, nice, professional woman you could count on to hold it all down. I was stuck in a constant state of proving myself and my worth and I was fucking exhausted.

I buttoned up my blouse and climbed that corporate ladder. But no matter how hard my CEO tried to dial me down… let’s just say I finally POPPED OUT.

To Connect with My GUEST – Katie Macks