Sasha Ostara believes that vulva love is a way to bring down the Patriarchy. As a Sexuality and Somatic Empowerment Coach, and through her personal history, Sasha sees how women have been conditioned to keep Patriarchy going, even in the female empowerment world. In her own words, “My experience is that of a Mexican/Lebanesse woman, where patriarchy has its own deadly flavour, so I am deeply passionate about the cause of bringing it down and creating a different, and safer world.”


Sasha Ostara
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Hi, I’m Sasha Ostara


Creatrix of Vulvalchemy™

VITA™ Certified Sex, Love, and Relationships Coach,
specializing in Female Sexuality, and Jade Egg.
Ontological Integral Coach.
And I am Somatic Trauma Resolution Practitioner.

I am a: Neurodivergent, Somatic Feminist,
Storyteller, Writer, Tarotista, and Mystic.

I am a Mexican-Lebanese multicultural woman. I was raised by a couple of powerful, witchy, resilient women: my mother and grandmother, who were survivors of deep trauma.

I witnessed how deeply they were wounded by a system and culture that took the best from them and then disposed of them. I saw how this affected their personal lives, sexuality, and family relationships, so from an early age, I promised myself I would do things differently.

I did not know that promise would mean that I would be taking on the job of healing all of this intergenerational trauma to ensure it ended with me and wouldn’t be passed on to my kids.

The healing journey has had its ups and downs, including healing a marriage where I was letting my Erotic self – and along with her, my playfulness, innocence, laughter, and capacity to dream – die a slow death.

Until one day, my Erotic self, looked at me right in the eye and said: “I am refusing to give up on you”.
And so, I turned my life around through my work with her. She reclaimed me, and I did her.

Little did I know, and only did I realize after having a spontaneous kundalini awakening, sexual energy was the missing piece in my healing journey. Sexual energy itself is the energy that fuels those very things I thought I had lost, not just my eroticism, but my playfulness, innocence, laughter, and capacity to dream.

Connecting to my sexual energy allowed me to reclaim my wholeness as a woman. I was no longer just a wife or mother or caretaker or the ‘good girl’, playing the roles society asked me to. I got to embrace all of me, the parts I was told I must abandon to be worthy of love.

This experience led to me embarking on a new adventure, one filled with empowering pleasure, orgasmic expansion, cultivating deep sisterhood, and the gift of sharing this magic with other women along the way.

And witchy woman, beautiful soul, I want this for you, too. Are you feeling the call?

To Connect with My GUEST – Sasha Ostara