“The feminist future is a society of culture, and a practice of radical love, acceptance and belonging. It’s a society, a culture and practice that’s optimized for joy, and thriving, for flourishment of all people in the planet. It honors the individual uniqueness, and an inherent worthiness of each and every member of the society, while strengthening the collective.” Dr. Dee Frayne. That’s a quote from this episode and really, I feel like that’s a mic drop! Dee has incredible insight and knowledge not only about our feminist future, but about a post-capitalism culture as well. Oh–and of course we discuss illegitimate power imbalances! Hold onto your hats!!! This is gonna be sooooooo good!


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I guess you could call it an obsession…

I’ve been a leader since birth, as the eldest of three girls. They used to call me bossy, they misdiagnosed my strength (eff that patriarchal BS labeling…aaaaaaand perhaps my tactics have improved along the way). 

I’ve sought out every leadership role, development opportunity and mentorship program (as mentor + mentee) I could since my first personal development conference at age 5!!

I spent 20+ years of my career advancing in leadership responsibilities, while building and strengthening communities. I’ve worked in every area of changemaking organizations, and before starting my business,  culminating as a COO for statewide operations of an international NGO.

I earned my doctorate in organizational leadership, researching performance excellence + maximizing impact in changemaking organizations. And for nearly 10 years (and more than 10k hours) I’ve coached more than one thousand individuals around the world 1:1 to achieve their big, bold, unapologetic world-changing goals.

I’m fiercely feminist, dog-obsessed, coffee-addicted, and highly proficient in profanity. I’m a coach, strategist, consultant, published author, a speaker, an activist and advocate for radical social change. I believe that strong, thriving communities led by women, gender non-conforming humans, POC will save us.

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