“Capitalism has eradicated its biggest enemy–the self.” That’s our jumping off point for this conversation on branding, marketing, and the patriarchal history of it all. In a time when we are often told, “You are your brand,” Rachael calls this all into question. Rachael Kay Albers is a creative director and brand strategist for businesses that burn the rulebook. Together we unpack the history of how we got here and how this notion is doing harm. Rachael is here to upend our understanding of branding and help us create a new path–one that causes less harm. You’re going to learn so much from this conversation!

Hey! I’m RKA


Since the dawn of time, I’ve known that playing by someone else’s rules is the best way to lose.

And that falling out of line makes the biggest difference between begging for attention — and helping people focus on what matters most.

In order to “make it,” with my online business, I had to do it my way.

As it turns out, my way looks a lot like burning shit down, breaking up with being liked at all costs, and not being sorry about it.

It looks like 2.6 billion GIF views, 160 characters and counting, and the edutaining Awkward Marketing show.

My way is calling out the industry B.S. so that we can all build better businesses. It’s my podcast, Marketing Muckraking, which asks not what brand culture can do for us, but what it’s doing to us. It’s a heaping mountain of permissions slips that say to forge your own playbook & never look back.

And this can be your way, too.

To Connect with My GUEST – Rachael Kay Albers