If you’re in online business, you probably recognize all of these as tools of the trade. But does it have to be this way?

Dr. Morgana is a powerful woman with an incredible story, and so much insight to share, that we couldn’t fit it all into one podcast. In this conversation, Elijah and Dr. Morgana dive into the normalization of toxic positivity, how that is weaponized inside marketing and online business, and how those same toxic ideas echo through our society, reverberating through our relationships and self-identity. Once a stripper, and now a mother, and an author-to-be with a doctorate in Intersectional Feminism, Dr. Morgana will blow your mind as she pulls back the curtain on how our reality and identity are co-created with relationships, social constructs, and most importantly, our love for ourselves.

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If you don’t already know me, I’m Dr. Morgana and I help frustrated  entrepreneurs who are ready to fall in love with themselves to become their own best soul guide, implementer, healer and strategist, so that they can get out of their own way in the path to success.

Goodbye, procrasti-fectionist, imposter-syndrome-fuelled over-functioning and over-giving that feels like it could wear you into the ground.
Hello living in your truth, with abundance you can feel in your body,  serving soulmate clients on a higher level, raising your prices, getting fully booked, AND swapping the hustling for a calm, relaxed glow people will genuinely stop and notice.

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