Current marketing strategies in our culture at large are steeped in patriarchy–and as such, they cause harm. Join Gin Walker and me as we unpack what current marketing strategies look like, how they cause harm, and how they fit into the patriarchy. We then look at what Regenerative Marketing means–it is a total paradigm shift! Gin believes that shifting the way we do business, toward more diverse, explorative and inclusive approaches, will inherently shift the way we live our lives in all other spheres too–and in case you didn’t notice, SO DO I!!


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In every partnership, what I LOVE more than anything is creating the genuine audience connection that becomes the conduit for my client’s genius – 

So they can empower more people to live fuller, richer lives … and make more money doing it than they ever dreamed possible.

Now I’d be honored and delighted to do this for YOU.

Whaddaysay? Shall we get this party started?!

To Connect with My GUEST – Gin Walker