[TW: this episode includes discussion of alcohol abuse and attempted suicide. If you know that hearing about these things will trigger you, please don’t listen. Always take exquisite care of your beautiful self.]

When Amy Guerrero reached sent me the google form for “potential podcast guests” she wrote, “I am passionate AF about this work, and look forward to connecting and supporting your audience.” I immediately felt a HELL YES in my body. Amy does so much more than help people with trauma–and yet, trauma is also so threaded throughout our systems and lives that understanding it and understanding how to work with it and regulate our nervous systems is nothing short of MIRACULOUS. Amy shares her with so much openness and generosity.

Please come hear about the power of surrender, the toxicity of shame, and the possibilities that exist when we start to understand these things. This episode is truly such a gift.

Amy’s website: https://www.regulatewithamy.com/
Amy on IG: https://www.instagram.com/regulatewithamy/
Elijah on IG: https://www.instagram.com/elijahshannonselby/
Come say hello!

Meet my guest!

I spent two years stumbling around in the dark trying to find my path to freedom.

All I wanted was to fully accept myself; to feel whole and happy living sober. But I was stuck. I was pretending to be happy, thinking, the next meeting, the next therapy session – that’s when I’m going to be ‘fixed,’ finally confident and comfortable in my own skin.

It wasn’t happening

When I reflect on this journey…

What kept me going? I was driven and inspired by something so much bigger than me – I trusted that building this for myself meant I could share it with you..

When I stayed stopped using alcohol to escape my life. I committed to the journey of teaching and started sharing years of education to guide people to live life with freedom. To live from your body instead of your mind!

I guide you to create the life you desire ​​​​​​​to go beyond surviving to thrive in all your relationships, business, money & beyond.



To Connect with My GUEST – Amy Guerrero