Aaaaaahhhh….getting our photos taken. Do I hear a collective groan? I do know a couple people who don’t get stressed at the idea of a photo shoot (or simply having a friend snap a photo on their phone!) but most people I know get anxiety at the thought.

Photographer, Éadaoin Curtin, recognized that her clients were stressed out and decided to do something about it. Éadaoin’s goal is to empower her clients throughout the process. I think getting our photos taken has a special place in the Patriarchy–it can truly bring up ALL OUR STUFF.

The impact of the Male Gaze in our culture cannot be understated. Éadaoin helps women challenge beauty standards and lean into self-acceptance–a radical act if ever there was one.

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That’s me over there, Éadaoin (pronounced AY-deen).

My name means ‘little fire’, so that’s pretty much where Firechild came from – I like it and it’s easier to spell than my name.

I first started taking photos at 9 years old at a family gathering. I learned a big lesson from that early experience – that if you don’t take off the lens cover you can’t capture what you see in the viewfinder! I was pretty devastated at the time but I haven’t made that mistake since then.

My photography business started with weddings but quickly transformed to specialise in branding photography. Through connecting with other entrepreneurs, I’ve come to realise that there is a deep need for us as business owners to put our faces to our brand, to put who we are out there in full force. And this is not about vanity or showing off, it’s all about our clients. It’s about making sure the people who need you can find you as easily as possible. And that when they do find the online version of “you” that it’s an authentic reflection of you and your professional brand.