As mere normal, non-theatrical humans, we don’t generally get up on stage and create art that inspires people to see the world differently…oh wait…I forgot about social media! Scratch that! We are all performing our art! Melissa Kelley is a total badass. She is an activist in word, deed, and art. This conversation went deep, people! All of us gain something listening to Melissa’s wisdom as we bring our work to the world.

We dive into

•Gender identity, trauma, societal expectations and healing through performance art

•Confronting societal expectations and living authentically •Impact, power, and fear in entrepreneurship and activism

•Facing fears, sharing personal stories, and being responsible with narratives

•Communication, vulnerability, and art with a focus on integrity and safety

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Melissa received her BA in theatre performance from Otterbein University. Her credits include theatrical, commercial, and network television performances, print work, industrials, independent film projects, teaching, directing, coaching and authoring a children’s book.

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