Capitalism is geared against most of us, though here we are working within this system. How do we find a way to be in this system that is not exploitative? How do we find a way to be in the system that does actually help us to find some power– when power is in this system expressed through money and that can be so problematic!” That’s basically how Natalie opens up this seriously badass conversation about money, gender, power, and privilege.
In this episode we talk about:

Money and genderMoney and power
What it means to be extractive and how not to be!
How can we feel good about making money?
Why do so many women get stuck at earning “just enough”
Ways to be generous!
How to think about scaled pricing–should you or shouldn’t you do this?

This episode has a partner episode about power over on Natalie’s podcast, Mind Witchery! Go listen now–link below!

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Natalie is an intersectionally feminist coach and mentor for entrepreneurs: especially coaches and creatives. She’s also the creator and host of the Mind Witchery podcast.

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