There is a very concrete reason why contracts and legal paperwork can feel confusing and overwhelming. The legal profession is built on patriarchal ideas. As my guest, Jacqueline Horani says, “I want people to understand how our existing system is built by white men trying to hoard, gather, extract, exploit wealth, property, and maintain that position and that privilege at the expense of everyone else. And that is the history of our legal system.” The way she approaches creating a contract feels truly revolutionary to me and I think you’ll agree. I was struck by how obvious her perspective and solutions are yet how I had never considered them! And that’s what is amazing about each of us doing our work in the world–we help others imagine something different, better, more just. Enjoy!


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I am the founding attorney, consultant, & lead designer of this innovative space. Legally Unconventional is dedicated to transforming the way we work, challenging hierarchies of expertise, and developing pathways to success. As a Feminist Founder and entrepreneur I understand what it’s like to launch from scratch, relying on sweat equity, spending hours navigating how to align your work to truly reflect your ‘radical’ values (you know the ones…like rooting out exploitation in your business practices and unlearning White Supremacy in a way that goes waaaaay beyond the DEI of the boardroom…).

My path has taken me from running a vintage store in Nebraska—to law school at NYU—to interning with the Federal Trade Commission, the Human Rights Watch, & the Natural Resource Defense Council—to advocating for tenants in Bronx housing court. In 2019, I launched Legally Unconventional to empower entrepreneurs with access to transformative info & liberatory justice. Together let’s break down the unnecessarily complex and design new systems for a liberated future.

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