“Speak human, win the internet” is Lara Eastburn’s tagline–so I’m sure you can tell right away that she’s totally awesome. She started learning about internet ads for her hoola hoop business when advertising online was still in the “bunny slope” era! And she found out rather quickly that she 1) loved it and 2) was totally good at it! I don’t know about you, but advertising on FB or IG or any other platform has always felt pretty overwhelming. Lara is so good at her job AND she does things really differently (which is what we are interested in here at Business as Activism, right?!) You’re going to learn so much and FEEL INSPIRED!! Remember–the way we do business matters. Please share this podcast with someone you love!

I’m Lara!

Facebook & Instagram Ads expert.  Word Nerd. Cut-up. Wine lover. Songwriter. That Smarty Pants PhD Friend You Keep On Speed Dial.

Do you know how many things had to happen for you to land on THIS page? I’m not really the woo-woo type. So let’s not question it, m’kay? Let’s run with it instead. Full Throttle. No ice.

To Connect with My GUEST – Lara Eastburn