We went both deep and wide in this far-reaching conversation about intent vs. impact, manipulative marketing (including a mini case study on a recent IG post), being socialized with overt racism, what our culture constitutes as believable and trustworthy and sooooo much more! This is a lively conversation with the brilliant Angela Morris…I promise you’re going to walk away smarter, more compassionate, and totally inspired!


Angela’s website: https://www.angelamorrismedia.com/
Angela’s IG: www.instagram.com/angelamorrismedia

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Hi, I’m Angela.

The best part of my work is helping people to say and do the things they’ve been taught they can’t.

I was a make-up artist for 13 years, primarily for weddings and boudoir photography — spaces that are ALL about looking perfect and crafting a fantasy version of who someone is (sounds like Instagram, right?).

I primarily worked with women, trans and non-binary folks who had been taught their entire lives that they were inherently broken. Over and over again, clients would sit in my chair and I would notice that how they believed they should present themselves and who they truly are were drastically different. Our first interaction often started with an apology from them, or a self-protective joke about how they hoped I could “do some magic” on them with my makeup kit, and usually included at least one comment about how they “can’t” wear red lipstick because their partner hates it, or they’re “too old” to wear the sparkly eyeshadow they kept looking at.

To Connect with My GUEST – Angela Morris