How have patriarchal norms influenced and affected how we lead? Leadership Specialist, Sile Walsh, points out that often when people think of Patriarchy they automatically split genders when the reality is that it is harmful to everyone. In the workplace it can look like harm by a top down power hierarchy, the need from external validation that bypasses inherent or intuitive decision making, and an emphasis on profit and exponential growth rather than a sense of purpose and fulfillment. As a result, our definition of a successful leader is absolutely limited by the system. We really go deep into roadblocks for good leadership, the difference between diversity and inclusion through an anti-oppressive lens, how we bring our unknown biases to our efforts to build inclusion, and so so so much more. You’re truly going to love this episode.


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Sile Walsh is an accredited Individual and Group Supervisor with the Association of Coaching.

Sile’s practice is integrative, psychologically minded, inclusive, and trauma-informed.

Utilising the 7-eyed model for supervision and psychodynamic-systemic coaching, group dynamics, AMBIT (Adaptive mentalization-based integrative treatment), and leans into a co-created approach in her supervision.

Sile has been in private practice for over a decade. Supervising clients in the ETB, DCU, YouthReach, and private social work organisations, coaching MSc students and coaches in private practice for over 4 years.

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