How we show up in our business changes the world. In this episode, Lauren deftly gives us permission to slow down, check in, and move in our business in ways that not only feel better for us, but feel better for our world as well. Listen courageously, as she and Elijah explore all the ways we can make marketing, offers, and the world of business actually work for us.


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Heyy!!! I’m Lauren Elizabeth!

I’m a pleasure-centered marketing coach & a feminist business mentor. I’m here to help you grow your business with purpose & pleasure.I help coaches, healers, educators, and creatives make more money and have more fun doing the work they know they’re here to do… without sacrificing their values or their desires.

Our work together will liberate your businesses (and your life)  from the hot, stinking dumpster fire that is the capitalist patriarchy…

So you can feel really fucking good showing up & getting paid to share your brilliant work with the world.

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