In this inspiring episode I sit down with Laura Hartley and we discuss Remaking the World. You know…just dismantling all the BS and creating a more just and free world. All of us change makers are living in two places–we have one foot in the current world, run my patriarchy, capitalism, white supremacy, racism and other systems of inequity, and we have one foot in the world we are creating–one that we are bringing to life through our thoughts, actions, conversations, activism, and work. One world is collapsing and the other is coming to life. I can’t wait for you to listen in to this super rich, enlightening, and inspiring conversation. You’re going to walk away with hope and also feeling EMPOWERED to make a difference!! Yay!


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Hey, There!
I’m Laura.

I’m an activist, writer and coach.

I’m also the founder of Public Love Enterprises, a school committed to helping changemakers unlearn and dismantle systems that inhibit our thriving, while visioning and seeding a more just, regenerative & loving world.  Visit my website to learn more. 

To Connect with My GUEST – Laura Hartley