If you want to stop hiding out and start powerfully showing up for your business then it is so important to unover what’s holding you back and then create a new way to PLAY!

There’s a lot of reasons we hide out but one of the biggest one’s I’ve found is because we are given some really fucked up messaging in our patriarchal society around marketing.

In this episode I share how I started my business and the internal road blocks I ran into when trying to market and launch! It took me a bit to figure out what was stopping me but THANK GOODNESS I eventually got there!

I dive into the lightbulb that went off and changed everything–including how it lead to me starting this podcast!

I walk you through three Patriarchal Marketing Messages that are most likelty holding you back:

•The Myth of Perfectionism

•The belief that in order to make the sale, we need to MANIPULATE

•The idea that in order ot market your business successfully you need false urgency, manipulative pricing, gouging people with payment plans, false scarcity, and exaggerated claims of success.

I give you journal prompts for each of these so that you can start unpacking and dismantling your internalized patriarchy today! Yay!  

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