We need to be able to imagine what is possible sometimes before we take steps towards change. One of the hardest things to imagine is shared leadership–doesn’t leadership always mean one person to spearhead thing?! This is some of our most important work–creating collaborative and shared leadership that supports and nurtures rather than oppresses and causes harm. Join me as I talk with Tanya Dantus, founder and facilitator of the Motherhood Empowerment Program, Right HerStory, Unleash Your Inner RockStar, and The Power of No. as we unpack power and leadership and get curious about what is possible.

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With a M.A. in Counseling Psychology and my experience as a woman & mother, I became a Psychotherapist & Feminine Leadership & Self-Expression Coach. I help women like you leave unhealthy, unhelpful social patterns & conditioning behind! I help you to come back to yourself, to feel more like yourself and feel safe to speak your truth & really claim your life!


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