Starting by examining the pervasive idea that success equals growth, Blue and Elijah unravel this notion — or at least unpack why this is such a destructive idea. The idea that growth equals success fans out to may touch points including wage disparity, introducing different questions to ask and think about when it comes to success, and how it is so important for people on the front line of change to do things differently so that the people that cannot imagine a different world, can see what is possible.


A Path of Her Own Podcast:

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Your work matters. You have potent skills.

You long to have more impact,
but marketing and sales turns you all the way OFF.


What if you had the words to turn marketing into a healing process?

Your marketing has the power to provide healing to your clients AND you.

It’s time to connect to your audience with full integrity and authenticity by breaking all of the old “rules.”

Let’s do this! As a professional copywriter, certified mastery-level transformational coach and social justice activist, with more than a decade of experience in supporting coaches, healers and mentors in aligning the structure, messaging and offers of their practices with their values and priorities, I’m here to help you make waves.


To Connect with My GUEST – Blue Russ