The term “Girl Boss” was intended as a term of empowerment, and certainly at its inception, many women felt emboldened by it. However as the movement grew, and became more mainstream, the feminist ethos of it seem to have faded away, leaving the focus on individual wealth and success. My guest, Jess Khouri, examines the phenomenon of the Girl Boss and discusses how we can create a feminist business that truly makes a real impact and creates social change.


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About Jess

I am feminist marketer, professor, and best-selling author whose work focuses on feminist entrepreneurship and questions the norms and narratives that directly impact millennial women in business. My work, breaking down the #BossBabe narrative, looks at what it means to be a woman in business and how we can use feminism to create anti-oppressive, inclusive, and change-making communities and businesses. Hey better!

I have been a feminist for as long as I can remember and as a proud 90s kid, credits my feminist beginnings to the Spice Girls. Girl power! I have since evolved my feminist understanding through my community work and academic experience. With an undergraduate degree in Women’s and Gender Studies and a Graduate Degree in Women’s Studies, I have an advanced understanding of feminist theory and feminism, knowledge I’m applying to help others build impactful feminist businesses. As a feminist entrepreneur, I see my entrepreneurship as a tool for social change and I work closely with other business owners to do the same.

I am a toddler mom, dog mom to two, and gin cocktail enthusiast. My chapter, in the best-selling book Women Let’s Rise, is called Girl Gang. It looks at the importance of building inclusive and authentic communities of womxn in business and gives your a step-by-step guide on how to build your own girl gang. I am currently working on my second book, entitled Hey Babe..: Let’s Break Down the #BossBabe Narrative and Reimagine Feminist Business Communities. This is a co-authored project with Ky-Lee Hanson that will be released spring 2022.

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