Discussions around disability tend to be muted and even silenced, which is why this episode is SO CRUCIAL to listen to. Melinda Martin is an inclusive brand strategist leading entrepreneurs to set the standard of disability inclusion in their industries. Melinda is really incredible and you’re going to love her as much as I do. As she says in the conversation, “..we [need to] get really loud about…disability inclusion, which is representation as well as accessibility within your business experience.” As a disabled person herself, Melinda has knowledge and compassion to guide us through this important conversation. I know that the knowledge in this episode is pivotal to all of us expanding our understanding of inclusion and disabilities in general. I’m so glad you’re listening!


Melinda’s website: www.melindakmartin.com
Melinda’s website for parents of disabled children: www.heymomme.com
Melinda on IG: www.instagram.com/melindakmartin

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This is all my knowledge in leading brands globally to implement inclusion standards with style! 
This is for you if: 
  • Want actionable direction to make your brand experience accessible.
  • Ready to elevate your brand design (style never compromised)
  • Need connections to disabled talent to represent in your business.
  • Excited by leading your industry to new standards!

To Connect with My GUEST – Melinda Martin