The workplace is not working for women, especially women with marginalized identities; women of color, black and brown women especially, lesbian women, trans women, women with disabilities, and even women who are moms. Femily, Silicon Valley’s Gender and Equity Advisor, and I talk about the ways these inequities show up. Femily also shares her wisdom on why people shy away from conversation on race, gender, and identity. And under the “what can we do differently” column, Femily makes a powerful distinction between being a mentor and being a sponsor. This episode is hugely illuminating!


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As a Gender/Cultural Studies MA with a big firm management consulting background Femily speaks at and advises tech and other male-majority sectors and teams, like law, finance, and engineering – on gender, equity, and building an ally culture across race and orientation as well.

From Silicon Valley’s Watermark Conference for Women to South by Southwest (SXSW), Femily frequently speaks to companies, conferences, and women’s events.

Femily is an expert media source for outlets including ABC, CBS, C-SPAN, NPR, Fast Company, and US News and World Report.

In 2018, Femily founded the American Association of Corporate Gender Strategists ( to address a growing demand for rigor in the field. 

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