If you’d enjoy a birds eye view of how systems of oppression and harm show up in traditional business, than this is the episode for you. Jessica Lackey, Strategy Advisor and Fractional CEO, was trained in the bluest blood of traditional business: McKinsey, Harvard Business School, and 7 years at Nike. She was a poster child for Successful Woman in Business. However, that did not safeguard her from a massive breakdown (“…I basically had a mental breakdown in my white boss’s office…that went as well as you can imagine…”) Ultimately that breakdown lead to the clarity that she needed to rebuild her life. Thankfully her trajectory lead her to the feminist business world. “And that’s when I started to understand I didn’t have language before I left because where would I have learned about capitalism and patriarchy, and the perils of unchecked growth? Where would I have learned that?” Jessica’s story, insights, and brilliance will captivate you. I can’t wait for you to listen!


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I was trained in the corporate world where everything is only about numbers, and never about humanity.

My signature Rooted Business methodology combines deep business and operations expertise with the guidance to build it differently so that you thrive.

My Background

I first learned that hustling hard meant traditional success at Harvard Business School and with graduate degrees in Engineering. It seemed normal, even encouraged, to hustle to burn out to get the best grade, promotion, and obvious markers of success. I learned that to survive in traditional business, I had to quiet the signals of my body, my emotions, and my intuition.

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