There are more people enslaved now on planet earth than there have been at any point in history.

Cheryl Woodhouse, a non-binary neurodivergent digital nomad and corporate refugee, has a habit of setting people free from capitalism. Their unique journey has shown them the best and worst that capitalism has to offer, and they use that knowledge to help as many people escape the rat race as possible.

Listen as Elijah and Cheryl unlock the door to a world of time freedom and fulfillment.

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I’m Cheryl Woodhouse

When I was 16, I received my very first neurodivergent diagnosis – though I had no idea at that time what that meant. I had already been in business for over a year and was struggling with burnout. All sorts of assessments told me there might be more to my quirky self and my inability to “just do the thing” (as if there could be only one.)

It would be nearly another two decades before I would come face to face with additional neurodivergent diagnoses and finally start understanding why my business had been built in very… Unconventional ways. I created Solo School to share those ways, including the tools, resources, and teachers I used, with others like me.

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