We pull back the curtain on the financial industry on this one! The financial world uses language and jargon that purposely acts as a gatekeeper of knowledge so that only a select few are able to navigate these waters. Maura Madden, Certified Financial Planner witnessed this for years before she decided to start her own firm, with the aim of supporting people to truly understand and take hold of their finances in ways that make sense for their lives (among other things–Maura is very talented!) There’s reasons women often feel that finances are either something they are not good at, or something that other people should deal with…and yet, we disempower ourselves when we buy into that. Pull up a chair and take notes!

Hi I’m Maura Madden.

I’m a feminist financial planner and educator. I work with midlife women* (30s, 40s, 50s) who are already making a good living, or are stay-at-home moms who want to be financial equals in their relationships. I want you to be able to dream about your future and then make it happen, financially. 

And there are so many things conspiring against you…

  • The gender wage gap and gender wealth gap
  • Inertia caused by financial Overwhelm
  • The massive and confusing financial services industry
  • Lack of education about money matters
  • The mixed messages we receive from society about money

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