I want you to question things. This is how we begin.

With a pinch of humor, a spot of game theory, and a metric ton of feminism, CV Harquail asks the question “What is a business?” and then takes it ten steps further by asking us “What could a business be?”. As an author, management scholar, consultant, writer and toolmaker, CV is no stranger to speaking her mind and fucking with the system. If you’re ready to take your feminist business, and start REALLY shifting the foundations of society – this episode is for you.

Tool-builder, writer, scholar, speaker, activist and a cutting edge advocate of feminist business, I’m here to help you build feminist practices into your business.
I believe we need to transform business from the roots.I believe feminism offers the sharpest tool AND most visionary framework for fixing business’s biggest problems, and transforming it into a paradigm of collective flourishing.And I believe business is one of the greatest opportunities we have to grow, share and redistribute power and resources according to our feminist values.

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