The idea that man has control of the earth and all that is on it–and that it is here for man’s pleasure–runs very deep in the psyche of the Patriarchy. Allison Castle read about a man that tried to monopolize weather data in order to profit from it. So–is there such thing as ethical profit? What does it mean and how do we assess that for ourselves? Let’s dive into this important conversation as we continue to unpack the layers of Patriarchal thinking that inform all our lives.

Hi, I’m Allison…

​For as long as I can remember my inner critic had been the primary voice I heard.  You’re not smart enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough, not ambitious enough, not outgoing enough, not attentive enough. I was the shy, perfectionist people-pleaser, hoping to feel accomplished and make people like me while not attracting too much attention that people would think I was weird and reject me.  I questioned my worth in every relationship and position I was in. I felt this as I pushed myself to get straight A’s. I felt this as I struggled to figure out where I fit in socially.  I felt this in my choices in my professional career and as a small business owner.  I felt this as a wife and mother.  My value for so long was entirely wrapped up in external validation and the ridiculously high expectations I set for myself that I lived in a continual place of judgment and comparison! I had completely silenced my intuition and inner wisdom!​

Finding Transformational Coaching, Meditation, and Human Design changed everything for me!  My eyes were opened to new perspectives and I was able to really understand and calm my inner critic through Transformational Coaching.  Through Meditation, I was able to slow down and sit in stillness with myself (which can be very scary but so beneficial!). Human Design helped me reconnect with my inner wisdom and authenticity.

I know my story of self-criticism is not uncommon.  I would guess every single person on the planet has experienced the inner-critic takeover and disconnection from self-worth. The feeling of lack, guilt, shame, fear and not being enough are universally felt.

I am excited to share what I have learned and experienced to help you slow down, calm your inner critic and authentically and deeply reconnect with yourself! 

To Connect with My GUEST – Allison Castle