Period activist and business owner Alyx Coble-Frake is here to tell you everything you wish sex-ed had taught you decades ago about your own body. The feminine hormone cycle runs differently than mens – but none of the mechanisms in society are attuned to the ebb and flow of our energy. In this episode, Alyx opens our eyes to the ways in which our bodies are designed to work – and how she is on a mission to help every woman use that knowledge to make their business (and their life!) flow better.


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Early in Alyx’s health coaching career it became obvious to her that her desire to do certain tasks varied based on where she was at in her menstrual cycle. Detailed observation revealed that sales calls that happened when she was ovulating had higher conversion rates.

Cycle syncing- or adapting your diet/exercise/ work engagements to best match the different phases of your monthly cycle is a super power that every woman needs access to!

That is why we launched The Agenda. Period a planning system and app that helps high achieving women use their cycle to improve their productivity and impact.

The Agenda. Period is a health & education empowerment company. We are a confident, exciting, disruptive brand that provides an innovative, ground-breaking service. We bridge a gap in the understanding around the menstrual cycle and strive to help women understand the nature and power of their cycle in order to inform strategic planning and professional endeavors.

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