The way we lead makes a difference. Leadership can be Activism, just as Business can be Activism! Brooke Hofsess takes us on her own journey to leadership. In this episode, she shares five leadership paradoxes that invite you into your fullest expression (while also disrupting the status quo):

Insecurity and trust; Competition and community; Self-reliance and sharing the load; Fear of chaos and flow; Gatekeeping and generatively.

You’re going to leave feeling empowered and inspired.

Hi, I’m Dr. Brooke Hofsess.

I help rising visionaries step into their fullest expression of leadership.

For me, leadership is rooted in the core of who we are—not in what we do, or what title we occupy. My coaching approach is collaborative, heart-driven, and fortified by my research in the areas of mentoring and professional learning.

I’m here to interrupt the deficit narrative that women need more skills and training when it comes to leadership. Because women are not the problem when it comes to the leadership gender gap. The problem lies with systemic gender bias and structural disadvantages for women at every career stage from recruitment to retention, and especially with regard to compensation and promotion. My clients don’t work with me to fill gaps in their skillset, they work with me because they want their leadership to reflect more of themselves.

To Connect with My GUEST – Brooke Hofsess