At one point in her career, author and coach Helen Jane Campbell was pulled into a room (along with the other women in the firm) and told what kind of underwear they should wear underneath their work clothes. That somebody ever thought that it was okay to dictate women what kind of underwear they should wear is jaw-dropping but it also is exemplary of the Patriarchy in the workplace…and life, really. It may be jaw-dropping, but you know what? We women participate in this dictatorship or how we should look and what we should wear every day. We don’t necessarily even understand that we are doing that until someone lifts the veil for us. Well, we are lifting the veil! Helen shares her remarkable journey with us from working in PR, buying the right handbags, having the right haircut, and doing all she could to fit it, to BREAKING FREE of that and discovering her true authentic self. She has two decades of PR experience that she brings to the table and applies that knowledge in a disruptive way to help change the narrative! It’s so compelling and really exciting! I can’t wait for you to listen!

Hi there, I’m a qualified and accredited life and business coach living in Worthing, by the sea. I’m a coach for creative people. Or, as my book explains, for ‘Founders, Freelancers & Rebels’. I began working for myself back in 2009 and now I support writers, artists, actors, presenters, PR experts, web-designers, copywriters, authors and more with 1-2-1 and group coaching. I love it.

I’m a firm believer in true authenticity… and by that I mean there’s no ‘fake it til you make it’ happening here. We’re not faking it. We’ll work thoughtfully together so you feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside. I truly believe there’s no point in looking shiny in your photos if you’re feeling yucky inside. I’m here to work with your mindset as well as helping you with career goals.

Looking forward to hearing you.


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