How does Patriarchy and dominant culture affect our understanding of time? Think: Hustle Culture, the need to stay busy, the push for productivity…these are all things we take for granted and at least a part of us feels that they are TRUE–especially when it comes to the need to be productive. Ixchel walks us through what decolonization is and how it applies to our concept of time. She unpacks the connection of time, space, and land and how that has us see time differently. We are walked through how European colonialism and culture has affected our view of time and how it is wreaking havoc for us! The concepts introduced here will definitely shift your view of time in important ways.


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As a Neuro-Emergent, Mestize Writer, Coach, and Guide, I bring a diverse skillset to support you in creating decolonial business practices.


With 25+ years as a webdeva, a Certified Feminist Copywriter from Kelly Diels, Certified Master Marketer, from Funnel Gorgeous & Certified High-Flow Coach from the Flow Research Collective, I bring an integrated, holistic approach to your strategy, leadership, & marketing.


Flow rituals to thrive with a planet in transition.


In addition to the supportive skillset & certifications above, I also bring 40+ years of planetary wisdom in relationship with Western and Mayan Astrology, plus Human Design insights to help you tune into your natural cycles & rhythms to cultivate more flow & ease as you grow your company and culture.

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