“I love talking about rich artists!” That’s what Jillian Todd wrote on the her google form to be on the podcast and I instantly knew I had to talk to this woman!!! The cultural narratives we hear greatly affect us–and most often they are holding us down and holding us back. In this episode we talk about:

•Breaking the stigma of artists being “starving” and finding financial stability through creative careers.

•Generosity, self-love, and harm reduction in activism.

•The binary of “starving artist” vs. “luxury VIP” and finding a balance. •Investing in art, finding local artists, and making money through various means.

•Defining success for creative entrepreneurs, with a focus on financial stability and making a living while honoring values.

And so much more!! I am so excited for you to hear this conversation. Please subscribe, review, and share–I need a village to get the word out there! Thank you.


Jillian’s website: www.getmoneyconfident.com

Jillian on IG: https://www.instagram.com/_jilliantodd/

Sarah, the artist I mention in the episode: https://www.instagram.com/poisonrain_productions/

Elijah on IG: https://www.instagram.com/elijahshannonselby/

Elijah’s website: https://www.thefemininerising.world/

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Jillian Todd is a Virtual CFO and money coach helping creatives entreprenuers build wealth in a fun and shame free way.

Her passion is helping people transform their relationship with money, proving you don’t have to choose between doing what you love and making great money.

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