This is the first episode in an ongoing series on boundaries. Boundaries are foundational to our joy, freedom, mental and physical health, healthy relationships, and a successful business that is also joyful!

Boundaries are one of the most important things I work with my clients on. And because women have been told that “If you take care of yourself, other people suffer,” boundaries are something we are not taught. And they are something that we tend to avoid at all costs.

Owning who we are and what we want is daunting in a world that tells us to know who other people are and what they want. 

When we don’t set boundaries resentment has fertile ground to grow. That’s why learning how to set boundaries is so crucial. 

You are not alone in struggling with when and how to set boundaries! It’s a process–but one of the most worthy journeys you’ll take. So join me today as I chat with Karen Falzone–a client, friend, super successful business woman, and all around incredible human. You will LOVE her insights, I promise.


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Karen is the founder and owner of Mostly Music Agency. She is committed to running a feminist business and showing up powerfully in the world. When she’s not working you can find her walking her dog, Frankie, hanging with her two daughters and grandaughter, and enjoying life with her husband. OH–and setting boundaries with all of them 🙂