Penny Phoenix, the Anti-capitalist Entrepreneur, was pretty instantly successful when she took on entrepreneurship but as she learned and grew as a businessperson, she got clear that HOW she was taught to do business simply didn’t feel good. And it didn’t feel good to her clients, either. She set out to relieve the tension between the way people have been told is the way to build and their values ethics. Penny talks about combining her feminist activism and reimagining capitalism help her (and her clients) build a business that supports her and that she loves.


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Next Wednesday, May 31, at Noon PST, I’m hosting my first ever Sequences that Sell Workshop, specifically for the nurturers in my crew.
This one is for you if:
🌈you value true connections (but also want some automation backing you up in your business to help you carve out more time for them!)
🌈you love stories, but struggle to find the exact right words to say.
🌈you’ve been putting off actually putting together that welcome sequence….(yeah, I’m looking at you, and that empty ConvertKit account you’ve been paying for since last year…)
🔥Go over who your audience is, and what their nervous system needs to feel safe to move forward with you
🔥Write a full-blown 5 email sequence together (complete with my eyes on your words – helping you figure out exactly what to say and how)
🔥Build out the sequence inside of Phoenix Virtual Pro together, so at the end, you will have a LIVE landing page + email sequence ready to share.
I’m not here to waste time.
I’m here to help you love your business again – to get your brilliance out into the world in a way that feels good to YOU.
and if that sounds like the breath of fresh air you’ve been looking for, SMASH THAT LINK IN THE COMMENTS.
Let’s have some fun and get shit done. 🌈⚡️

To Connect with My GUEST – Penny Elizabeth Phoenix