Doing the work of dismantling the Patriarchy and all the other systems of oppression that are inherent in our society takes work–and that work never ends, really. There’s just a lot to learn and understand and undo. Emily Roh, Antiracist Coach and Facilitator, does a beautiful job of walking us through the intrapersonal journey and the interpersonal journey. Of course we cannot possibly cover allllllll the things in one conversation, however there’s a lot of us to learn and reflect on in this episode!

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Hi, I’m Emily (she/her)

and I’m the human behind My Invisible Knapsack!

I help you get out of your head, into your feelings and body. 

    Why I Do This Work

    We need spaces to hold our individual, collective and intergenerational grief, anger, and all the emotions that come with processing racial trauma. If we do not do the internal healing work, our efforts to create systemic change will only reproduce systems of inequity, just with a different flavor.

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